Bundesliga Youth Ambassadors Program

We are happy to be part of the Bundesliga Youth Ambassadors Program that kicked off on 27 February, the program goal to develop a group of 35 young adults aged 18-25 into self-asserted community leaders as part of a long-term commitment to grow football internationally. 

  • The Bundesliga is training 35 Youth Ambassadors to use football as a tool for social change, 5 of those Youth Ambassadors are from Angaza Sports and Development Centre.
  • The 1.5-year program is developed for participants in partnership with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, streetfootballworld and Transforming Young Stars of Africa
  • The Bundesliga Youth Ambassadors serve as educators and role-models within their communities
  • It focusses on several educational and social components, from personal development to communication for societal change, and collaborative work.

As Bundesliga Youth Ambassadors, they serve as role models and multipliers to bring about positive change in their communities. During the program, the young leaders are acquiring general football coaching capabilities and learning how to utilise the game as a tool to teach life skills and educate others on different challenges in daily life. They are influencers in their local communities and engage with their peers on social media through their shared passion for the Bundesliga

As part of a five-day kick-off event in Nairobi which started on 27 February, the young leaders joined training sessions led by TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, developed their interpersonal and life skills, and experienced the unique atmosphere of the Bundesliga games as part of an exclusive watch party on Matchday 24.

The Bundesliga is a league that always puts its fans first, bringing them together across all areas of life. The Youth Ambassador Program is an important part of the league’s unique philosophy to embrace the social dimension of football and convey the values and ideals of ‘Football as it’s meant to be’ to younger generations around the world.