Quality Education

We work with local schools through providing life skills taught through sport based educational movement games that improve the pupils and student’s engagement with their education, increase their academic performance and attendance. Additionally, Sports and physical education is the best cure for children to lead a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity helps control or reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes etc, and improves their metabolism. Children who are physically active are more likely to grow into physically active and emotionally balanced adults. The school therefore is proven to be the best place to introduce changes in the way sports or physical education is handled. Schools come with a package of a play area, infrastructure, friends, teachers, etc. and hence provide the best environment to get children to play and learn.

Currently we are working with 15 schools conducting our football for good programmes and improving on digital literacy by proving laptops and training to schools.

We plan to establish a digital learning centre that will also act as a community library where the youth can access information related to their education and conduct research.