Girls & women

This programme is an initiative aimed at helping adolescent girls and young women gain access to female driven development activities. The impact of these activities is to build self-esteem and leadership skills for the girls; increase gender consciousness; raise awareness and exchange information concerning the various issues affecting young females in the community. We increase girls’ opportunities and perspective through a mentoring and role modelling program connecting younger and older professional females to one another. The program also encourages and facilitates girl’s formal education. Parents and community leaders are engaged for necessary support, and the organization takes the role of facilitating this process.

The overall aim here is to produce learned future women who will be in the forefront of contributing to the socio-economic development of their communities. We do these activities through football as sport is a very important vehicle here, where mobilization, recruitment, assessment/monitoring of the girls’ growth is done through the existing sports and life skills programme. Through engagement into sports, they have opportunities to enhance their development as leaders, community life skills educators, project and sports coordinators/administrators, football referees, coaches and sports injuries practitioners.