Fight against Covid -19 Pandemic

Around the world, everyone is feeling the heat brought about by Covid-19 pandemic, and our communities are not left behind.  As a sport for good organization, we believe every little bit counts and we have taken the following initiatives; –

    • Establishing WASH ( water hygiene and sanitation ) areas at strategic areas in the slums that have clean water and soap. At these points, each one will be able to regularly wash their hands, be informed on Covid-19 pandemic, and walk away with Covid-19 information material
    • Social distancing campaigns and awareness including practical designs in the community. Since most of the small businesses are still open, and people are still moving around from 5 am to 7 pm, we are educating them on:
      • Importance of social distancing
      • How to designing 1m distance in their area’s business
      • Regular disinfection of their places of work
      • Use of protective masks
    • Importance of following government directives
    • Social media campaigns and awareness

We are in need of more masks, soap and clean water, we welcome anyone willing to work with us