Caroline Waithera


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I’m Caroline Waithera, 2019 was the most transformative year in my life so far. I interacted with fellow youths in a leadership workshop in Kitale, Kenya, Uganda, and Lyon and learned a lot of leadership knowledge and skills.

I honestly have never had two whole weeks, 14 days, in a row in my life full of love, laughter, joy, and learning with people who I had never even met before. One of my favorite games was (See, Describe &draw) where people in a group were given different roles one would see the pictures and explain to the other person who would then describe to the one supposed to draw. I was placed in a group with a lady who didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish but the language barrier and the fact that I was able to draw items described to me in Spanish and in gestures still surprise me.

I learned how different organizations from different countries work to better their communities. I was challenged and at the same time encouraged by street child United since I have a soft spot for street families. I got new friends who I still keep in touch with, from France, India, Ireland, Denmark, Czech, Pakistan, Austria, England. I learned that no matter who we are, we are equal and I have learned to treat everyone no matter where they come from, age, and abilities with equality and respect a big part of my heart is still in Lyon in the same event with the same people and I wouldn’t have wanted it any different …it was such a blessed way to turn a year older on the French soil, an experience forever in my heart.