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Hand washing program

Hand washing is a great hygiene program practical in life lesson with steps that can improve the child’s order, concentration, coordination, and independence. Our wash program is well designed to give skills and knowledge of how important it is to wash hands, the wash program runs very well both in school program and outside school program, which […]

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Digital learning: Technology is reshaping teaching

In every coming year new school term approaches, Zack who is the program manager looks at the impact of technology is having in the classroom. Not so long ago, the back to school season was marked by a dash of exercise books, modeling clay and coloring pencils. Today it’s not just the shop that’s gone; […]

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Strategic planning 2016
Category: Strategy

We are working on the strategic planning for 2016 right now. We are looking into including an art program and also expanding the project with more sports than football. The main focus for the first half of 2016 will be fundraising through sponsors, partnerships, volunteers, income bringing activities within the projects, internships and manpower leasing. […]

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