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Angaza Football

Community football league

Sport is the primary intervention tool that Angaza uses to mobiles children, youth and communities. It has proved to be a unique all – terrain vehicle that knows no bounds, its international in scope, intercultural in appeal and there are no social hang – ups. It moves swiftly through all differences – race, religion, age, gender and status. Sport is a great common denominator, opening doors to all levels of society.

We run all year round football league in the age categories of U10, U12, U14 and U17, including boys and girls, we have 50 teams currently registered and participating weekly sessions. These weekly sessions are integrated with life skills activities, HIV/AIDS awareness, environmental sensitization and awareness, Crime, drug and substance abuse, conflict resolution etc. these grassroots sports activities is the primary way that Angaza uses to mobilize the youth and children before they join other programs and projects within the organization.

Life skills and soft skills

HIV/AIDS education, child protection, Environmental awareness, crime, Substance abuse and other Life Skills trainings are integrated into the football training sessions with an aim of addressing the key socio-economic challenges that are facing the children and youth in Thika. Angaza uses football as a way of bringing youth together to participate in fun and educational games and activities while delivering knowledge and practical skills about how to lead a positive and healthy life. Sport and physical activity are used to build awareness about HIV and AIDS while also encouraging peers to discuss issues affecting their lives and their communities. The model goes beyond HIV and AIDS education and places a strong emphasis on facilitating the development of life skills in youth.

Among the challenges that the youth in Thika are facing are school dropout and lack of school fees to further their secondary education.(Angaza annual report 2014). It’s evident in our two Centre’s that this challenge leads to many more challenges namely drug and substance abuse, child prostitution, crime, illiteracy etc. We have introduced ongoing football leagues in our two Centre’s i.e. Makongeni and Kiandutu in order to keep the youth and children engaged as we equip them with skills that they can apply in their daily living and overcome the daily social challenges in their community.

The Objectives

  • To empower youth socially and economically to become agents of social and economic change in their communities.
  • To instill skills among youth that enables them to overcome the challenges of growing up and become responsible adults including communication skills, decision-making, assertiveness, setting goals, resisting peer pressure and HIV and AIDS.
  • Reinforce and promote attitudes and behaviors that will lead to a better quality of life for target youth.
  • Improve access to self and formal employment